About Shedcade

This post has been a long time in the making and if I wasn't so lazy it would have happened way before now!

As it always happens, I get far too caught up in prepping to do something than actually doing it - not through a lack of will or effort but just getting massively distracted by the tasks and activities that probably don't matter at all to anyone else.

In this instance I've put off writing about what this website is and what the flip Shedcade is because I've been pratting about tweaking and changing ridiculous bits of this website - that get's zero traffic - solely because I like the tinkering!

What happens...

I don't ever introduce what Shedcade is but again - like this website - it's something that I spend a ton of time thinking about or prepping for than actually enjoying - which is something to change!

Back in 2007, when becoming an adult, i emptied what was a relatively small, inherited summer house (being used as a shed, of which the contents then went in to a tent...) in to a games den, where we could pool together to smash some beers, eat some pizza and play some games without fear of disturbing anyone else.

This was preferct, however, the shed was not and the need to do something bigger and better grew! In 2010 we brought a brand new, large summer house - this would kick off he period of extremely competitive gaming, beer drinking (and pizza!).

With the new shed built, the Shedcade moniker kicking in, the passion grew.

Gaming and Stats

The more we took to playing FIFA, the more the need to log stats took hold, the more the stats grew, the more we needed to level the playing field. Shedcade grew to be putting together meetups reguarly, implementing a completely unique seeding system and 'team themed' nights (and beer...and pizza).

The core of (the Virtua Athletes) have been coming together to play games since our ages were in single figures, Sedcade now represents everything about keeping this spirit - providing a fun, nostalgic space to play games and escape from everything else.

For me it's the perfect opportunity to realise all my passions. I love gaming, I love everything retro, I particularly love to create something and having the Shedcade as the back drop to all of this allows me to channel these things.

Shedcade website

Like the Shed itself, this website has gone through so many changes - it's now at the point where I am proud of it. It gives us the ability to track everything; events, scores and all Virtua Athlete data, but more than that it gives me a platform to be creative and to hopefully write about some of the things that make me who I am.

This website will always change grow and evolve and will always have the number one purpose of tracking the history of Shedcade as well as being a tool for gaming events!

The Shed itself...

With a housemove in 2021, the Shedcade disapeared, consigned to housing garden tools and lawn mowers... But, like a mighty salmon the Shed is being reborn in a swankey (definitely not) garage - although i am determined to make this absolutely amazing and have it open for the first event on April 28th 2023!

I'll be back to update this page soon, some photos of the Shed over the years and to tidy up these ramblings.