The Shedcade Seeding system

The Shedcade Seeding system

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The Shedcade Seeding system

After much debate (Lee and Effers I'm looking at you here). I've put in a more robust seeding system. the new system will make a climb up and down the rankings fairer and ensure that seeding is worked out automatically and properly.

A players seeding is now based on a combination of their all time playing record and the record over the last ten games. This includes any games a player has played (even friendlies!).

All time record + Recent form

The players all time record provides their average points gained from every game they have played. For example a player who has played 30 games, won 10, drawn 5 and lost 15 would have gained 35 points in total. This 35 points devided by the total games played gives an average points per game of 1.17.

The players last ten games provide the second half of their seeding point calculation. Calculated in the same manner as the 'all time record', this looks at only the last ten games the player has been involved in. If the player has won 5, drawn 3 and lost two of their last ten games  they will have accumulated 18 points, giving an average 0f 1.8 points per game (for their last ten games)

Calculating the seeding points

Average points from all time games are added together with the average points from the players last ten games. This sum is then divided by two to provide the seeding points

For example;

Average points gained from all games = 1.17  = 2.97
Average points per last ten games = 1.80

2.97 (total of all time average and last ten) / 2    =    1.49

It's complicated but it's fair!

Latest seeding

Player Seed Pts
Das Bald 2.22
Spongey 1.85
DO'B 1.74
Doddy 1.67
Crazy Eyes 1.67
Borg 1.50
Ellis 1.49
Steve 1.49
Boy G 1.47
Dale 1.31
Matt 1.06
Ciaran 1.04
Woody 0.91
Chank 0.90
LiamOB 0.76
Effers 0.74
Lamo 0.71
Stewart 0.70


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