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LiamOB stats, records and profile - Shedcade


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Win, lose or draw

Played: 219 W: 53 D: 49 L: 117

Seed points
Seeding History

Virtua Athlete Personal Best

Player Time Tournament
Long Jump
Player Distance Tournament
Shot Put
Player Distance Tournament
LiamOB 17.01 Virtua night!
High Jump
Player Height Tournament
LiamOB 1.8 Virtua Night: Virtua Athlete
110m Hurdles
Player Time Tournament
Player Distance Tournament
LiamOB 91.35 Virtua Night: Virtua Athlete
Player Points Tournament

LiamOB world records

Rank Athlete Event Record

This athlete does not have any 'Top 5' Virtua Athlete records.

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